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You can’t do it on your own? It’s completely normal. Find out how anti-smoking products can help you during quitting

Only 3 in 100 people can quit for good on their own. The rest fails and feels bad because they believe the myth that everything they need to success is their strong will. However, you need much more to  overcome the addiction successfully. It is necessary to overcome the physiological addiction, e.g. with the help of anti-smoking products that release nicotine into your body for a transitional period. Some people find it much more difficult to deal with the psychological addiction. Most of the smokers have no idea how to prepare effectively for the traps of the psychological addiction and they fail when a trigger appears.

Ask for help when quitting. We’ll show you anti-smoking products and explain how the personal virtual therapist can help you by preparing you for the cessation from physiological and psychological addiction.

How does the addiction arise?

The nicotine addiction arises surprisingly quickly and the withdrawal symptoms may occur soon. Smoking a cigarette creates a pleasant feeling caused by dopamine. Your brain gets easily used to its dosage and longs for more. As a result you smoke not because it makes you feel good but to prevent feeling down. That’s why quitting is so difficult.

It’s hard but not impossible

The withdrawal symptoms may last from 3 weeks to 3 months, however, it is certain that such compulsive states when you feel the urge to light a cigarette will disappear. How to survive the crucial weeks though? Don’t try to quit overnight on your own, instead, prepare for the whole quitting process in advance with the help of anti-smoking products and efficient therapy hidden in the mobile app.

Anti-smoking products that suppress the physiological addiction

The withdrawal symptoms occur when your body doesn’t get its nicotine dosage. In such a moments it’s advisable to think of having a proven anti-smoking product at hand – a gum, patches, etc. – according to the level of your addiction. Effect of such nicotine replacement therapy is of short duration only though and the smoker mainly has to solve their psychological addiction, which the Adiquit app can help with.


They are suitable for all types of smokers. You can choose the amount of contained nicotine according to the level of your addiction. You can use the occasionally when you feel like smoking. The gum isn’t chewed like regular gum, it should be chewed slowly a bit by bit. It takes 30 seconds for the nicotine to get absorbed into the oral cavity mucosa after a bite. Don’t chew it faster to prevent stomach irritation.


In the case of stronger addiction, choose the 16 or 24 hour patches. They gradually release nicotine into your organism gradually and can be combined with gums or micro-lozenges in case of intensive cravings.


Place the lozenge in your mouth and allow it to dissolve. It is important to move it slowly from side to side like a candy to prevent nausea as it works in a similar way as the gums. Don’t swallow the lozenge, the nicotine gets absorbed through the oral cavity mucosa.


Various unpleasant feelings and physical manifestations may occur during quitting and herbs might help you to deal with them more easily. To suppress annoying emotions like anger, anxiety or touchiness that are usually related to quitting, we can look for help in the nature. The glandular globe-thistle (Echinops sphaerocephalus), linden and hypericum tea will help you to calm down and relax. If you feel tired, sleepy and suffer from headache, tea from maize sprouts or eleutherococcus senticosus will help.  Consuming fruit, vegetables and exercising is a good prevention against constipation as well as the mixture of wild garlic, artemisia, gentiana lutea root and eastern American black walnut sprouts.

The app that supports your effort to quit for good

Suppressing the physical urge to smoke is half of the success. However, the real challenge begins when you associate smoking with some ritual of yours. In such moments you need someone who would remind you why you want to quit, what part of the journey is already behind you and what is your motivation. The Adiquit app deals with physiological and psychological form of addiction using a two months therapy and increases your chances to success by about six times. Meet Adam, the virtual addictologist, who won’t let you go off course and who will guide you through the whole quitting process.

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