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We help smokers
to quit smoking

Overcome the craving for a cigarette and withdrawal symptoms with the help of a scientifically proven app. Whenever, wherever – 10 minutes a day will do.

Your buddy

Adiquit will get you ready for putting out your last cigarette, adjust the quitting process to your needs and support you when you feel at your worst.

A succesfull guide

Have your preceding attempts to quit smoking always failed? Quitting with Adiquit pays off – your chances of quitting will be six times greater.

Instant help

Are you worrying the taste for a cigarette will surprise you in the worst possible moment? Adiquit can offer an effective solution.

Crack down on your smoking habits

Smoking cessation specialist at your fingertips


The only genuinely Czech app for quitting smoking


Based on scientific knowledge and clinical practice


Six times greater chance of quitting


Adjusting the quitting process to your needs


Available anytime, anywhere


Two months long cessation program


First 4 days free

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Adiquit reviews from ex-smokers

Pavel B.

“I used to smoke up to 3 packs of cigarettes a day. Adiquit taught me how to avoid trigger situations. Now I’ve got my smoking under control.”

Magda J.

“I’m not a smoker anymore but I miss the app therapist. I enjoyed talking to him. He used to encourage me, which was helpful.“

Tereza B.

“Thanks to the brilliant support of Adiquit I was able to quit smoking for the first time after 21 years.”

Tomáš N.

“The Adiquit therapist praises you a lot. I realized, I actually need that. People around me don’t believe I can quit for good.”

Tereza S.

“Adiquit helps you to find all the reasons why to quit smoking and reminds you of them at the right time.”

Jan D.

“The best quitting app. It works on the principle of motivation. It maps your answers and tailors the plan accordingly. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Benefits of breaking free

Bright smile

Your teeth will be whiter after quitting.

Improved physical condition

The lungs capacity increases up to 30%.

Dream holidays

You will save up to 30 000 CZK in a year.

Longer and healthier life

Non-smokers live up to 10 years longer.

Put out a cigarette with Adiquit 

Google Play
Google Play

Put out a cigarette with Adiquit

The first 4 days are free. 

Google Play
Google Play

People behind the app

Roman Gabrhelík

Roman is a psychologist and an addictologist with vast experience in various psycho-therapeutic approaches. He has been focusing on implementation, research and education in the field of prevention and addiction treatment.

Adam Kulhánek

Addictologist Adam is a vicepresident of Czech Coalition Against Tobacco and a member of the directorship of National Line for Smoking Cessation. He focuses on prevention, research and tobacco addiction therapy.

Daniel Novák

Daniel has over 20 years of experience in the field of medicine technology and data analysis. He has participated in development of an application for diabetics, an interface for visually impaired persons or an IT system for mental health care.


Our partners

Our partners





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