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What is the best time for the last cigarette and how to get ready for the Quit day

You’ve been playing with that thought for a long time, because you see no sense in smoking anymore. Your health, finance and family life are the most valuable commodities at stake. You know you would like to quit, but you have no idea where, how nor when to start with it.  As for the preparation, setting the Quit day is as important as your desire to change your life. The Adiquit app will guide you through the crucial period in the quitting process.

I keep my feet on the ground

Inform the people around you about your endeavor. You may encounter doubts, lack of trust or even mock within your working group or among friends. The environment tends to downplay, belittle or even criticize such a decision.

I feel good

When you are having a hard time, you have an exam ahead, a demanding project, you are going through a divorce or a death in the family, do not try to start quitting and wait for some time until the situation settles down a bit. Quitting requires a lot of energy, determination and positive attitude and any situation that burdens you may dump your efforts and demotivate you.  It will be much easier to put out last cigarette when you feel more stable. However, you should not use the life obstacles as an excuse that leads to postponing the whole thing. You can shift the Quit day a few days or even weeks forward in your diary, but do not put it off for months or years.

I’m getting rid of my smoking devices

Have you put the date into your calendar? Throw away all the tobacco, packs, ashtrays and lighters from your pockets, handbags, bags, drawers in your house and car. When there are no smoking devices at hand, your chance to succeed is greater.

I’m looking forward to the new life

It’s necessary to approach great decisions with optimism, zest and hope to make a good change.  It won’t work otherwise. I’m looking forward to not pinning my thoughts to the cigarettes, I’m looking forward to not smelling with smoke, I’m looking forward to being able to save money for holidays and I’m looking forward to being healthier and more fit. All the effects of not smoking are positive, they just need to be looked at clearly and concretely. The Adiquit app can help you with that by accompanying and motivating you in the difficult phases of quitting.

I’m grateful for the support

Inform your surroundings about your efforts. In the work team or among friends, you may encounter doubts, mistrust, perhaps ridicule. People around us tend to downplay, underestimate or even criticize our decisions.

“Oh come on, you’ll have one with me, won’t you?”
“Join us, you always hear the best gossip when going for a fag.”
“Jeez, you’ll smoke at the first party to come anyway.”

You’ll run into a lot of chances and temptation on your journey, but only the things you allow will actually happen. Therefore, your answer should go:

“I won’t, thanks. I’ve decided to quit and I’ll be happy if you support me.”

Your determination has the superpower to tempt other people and inspire them to follow your idea. You never know how many people you can motivate. And that’s worth all the effort.

How can the Adiquit app help

We are aware of the fact that quitting overnight is a way too ambitious a goal, therefore the app introduces a preparatory phase that lasts for 10 days, if you don’t postpone the quit day to some other date. The success lays in this very preparation. You’ll create a strategy for dealing with the withdrawal effects and the triggers, you’ll think of which possible high risk situations may occur and you’ll put the date of your last cigarette into your diary. Let’s give it a try.

Put out a cigarette
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Put out a cigarette
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