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TJ, musician: I’m happy there are no more cigarettes in my life

First, there was a nice facebook comment: “It worked and it helped! I quit. A good methodology.We thanked him and asked if we could learn more as an inspiration for other smokers, who’d like to quit and who could benefit from Adiquit.

TJ: “Sure. I’m happy to praise good stuff. I’d also like to support those who would like to quit smoking. I know very well from my own experience what it means to fall into addiction and not to know how to get out of it… It’s tricky, you think you are in control only to find out that it’s the fag that controls you.”

We met with Jan TJ Tuček for a coffee then. A 30-year-old musician, communicative manager, skilled IT guy and a truly positive person with zest for life told us about life with and without cigarettes.

Jan, you started smoking as an adult. Why?

TJ: I started smoking in 2016. I was making a record with the band in Seattle. I broke up with my girlfriend in Bohemia a few days before and she was working in LA at that time. She was so near, but we weren’t a couple anymore. I felt quite bad but I couldn’t let anyone see that. Moreover, there was much downtime during the recording and I couldn’t stop thinking about it all… A friend of mine asked me to get him a pack of cigarettes, he asked for one, but I got two. I bought my first pack. I became a regular smoker when we got back home. My parents weren’t pleased at all.

Why did your parents feel disconcert about it?

TJ: My parents smoked for almost my whole life. From my childhood I remember opening the windows in our living room so that we would get rid of the smoke, but they were smoking all the time anyway. My dad was diagnosed with leukemia a few years ago. He knew he had to quit smoking so he did overnight. My mum quit smoking with him. Smoking was their common ritual, she didn’t want to smoke alone and she also wanted to support him. They really are an amazing couple.

Your parents must have been delighted when you made it and quit.

TJ: They were. It happened on their 37th wedding anniversary to top it all :-))). And I’m happy I made it. However, it wouldn’t have been possible without Adiquit.

The Adiquit app helped you then?

TJ: It did, a great deal. It was the only thing that made me feel I could make it. That I’d be the one to control cigarettes and not reversely. Personally, I liked this therapeutic approach from the very beginning. Paying for the app was a kind of commitment and I was also happy to support the developers. I was excited by the concept of the 14 days preparatory phase, where there is nothing like stress and pressure that you have to quit on the spot. There is space to get ready with no penalties. Then the D day comes, your first day without cigarettes, and it’s ok. It’s cool, really. I even didn’t need any nicotine replacement therapy, gums or so. It was just about changing the mindset. I liked the fact that Adam, the therapist, talked to me in the app, I actually liked the whole therapy, the positive voice.  The dialogue is quite important I’d say. I already knew many principles and tips, but it was passive knowledge. I worked much better when I was talking with Adam. What was important were the various stimuli I was getting step by step and questions asked in crucial moments. 

For how long have you been a non-smoker?

TJ: It’s 3 months already. I even tested myself. My friends were putting me to test and provoking me, of course :-)) I had a fag then and I knew I didn’t need it anymore.

It ended well.

TJ: Yep. All is good. Things come and go. However, I’m really glad the cigarettes left my life :-).


Photo: David Kaufmann

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