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7 myths about smoking in pregnancy

If you are a smoker and you realize that you are pregnant, the best thing you can do for your unborn child and for yourself is to stop smoking. Smoking in pregnancy is often discussed but do you know what is true and what is false?  We highlight 7 myths about smoking in pregnancy.

Myth 1: I am pregnant and I have been smoking for some time during pregnancy so it is already too late to quit now

Every day without smoking matters and your unborn child and you will benefit from quitting no matter of pregnancy stage. Smoking in pregnancy is risky and can lead to failures in fetal development, low birth weight or premature birth. There is even statistically higher risk of miscarriage. 

It is not only about nicotine and toxic substances from cigarette smoke. The smokes have increased relative amount of carbon dioxide in blood thus less oxygen. But even after a single smoke free day there is already more oxygen in the blood for your unborn child and its lungs can develop properly.  

Myth 2: Quitting smoking would be too sudden change for the child

Quitting smoking can be only positive change for the unborn child and it is really the very best thing you can do. The sooner the better but it makes a great difference no matter of pregnancy stage or even after the child is born.

Myth 3: If I smoke less or switch to e-cigarettes all will be OK

There is no safe smoking. Every inhale releases toxic substances and they get to your body and to the child as well. E-cigarettes contain nicotine so they are  harmful for the child as well.

Myth 4: Smoking helps me to feel relaxed which is positive for the child

Smoking can make you feel relaxed, but usually just for a short while and the negative effects prevail anyway. If you feel stressed, it is better to analyze the reasons and try to avoid situations that stress you. There are numerous positive ways, methods, techniques that help to relax and you can discover and practice those without negative side effects.

Myth 5: Low birth weight is OK

One of the known effects of smoking during pregnancy is a low birth weight of the infant. But it is not only about the weight. Tiny children are often insufficiently developed in some ways e.g. lungs and are prone to be more ill not even as infants but also later in their lives.  The modern neonatology can really work miracles and save prematurely born children and help them to catch up with the natural development and weight gain. Sometimes the woman cannot do anything about it even if she does her best. But quitting smoking can dramatically improve health of the unborn child and radically avoid these unnecessary health problems.

Myth 6: The only way how to quit smoking is to stop from day to day

It depends. For some, pregnancy is a strong enough reason to quit in an instant. Others appreciate an expert or a buddy that helps to prepare and create strategies first and then provide support during the first weeks after quitting. If you are one of these, try application Adiquit. Your personal therapeut Adam is a kind and knowledgeable professional and by means of application discrete and available every day just when you need him. Download the application and try it for free.

Myth 7: I smoke so I should not breastfeed

Breastfeeding mothers should not smoke. But if they for some reasons are not able to stop smoking they should breastfeed nevertheless. The benefits of breast milk prevail. Mothers should however try to secure non smoking environment for the child and protect it from the secondary smoke. 

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